Charlie Winston

My Second album at La Frette Studios

by Charlie Winston

“First came to Studio La Frette when I was making my second album. I immediately fell in love with its charm and history. It’s like a home from home. In fact, I had wondered if I could move in to live at one point. Fortunately, it’s not a perfect studio. Perfect studios are so boring. Instead, it has a perfect balance, created by its own evolution over time. So French, you could say, like a good wine, or cheese. Time and the right attention has allowed it to mature and grow in it’s own cultures. And that applies to every part of studio La Frette. All the gear has a story, is unique and used but not abused. The desk has its scars but sounds super friendly to the ears and holds its personality in tact. Olivier, being the 80s synth king, still has a marvellous collection of early drum machines, Casio’s and Fairlights. The staff are all courteous and efficient, keeping the studio and house shipshape. And then the food! Well, I like eating and I was never once disappointed by all the incredible food that I was served in La Frette. The house is a wonderful structure, built in the late 19th century, i think, and for those needed moments of repose, the river is only minutes walking distance. In fact, I love that house so much I shot a music video there for my song Speak To Me, which was over 100 vocal tracks recorded in that very studio.
(Im hoping to get a job in tourism, can’t you tell?)