Dear Criminals

A great combination of textures

by Jonathan Ratovoarisoa

“Dear Criminals is Charles Lavoie, Vincent Legault and Frannie Holder’s side project. They first came to La Frette late 2014. Their music takes you to another atmosphere. When they are at La Frette Studios, it feels like the combination between the place and the music, that matches so well.

They once came to prepare for a few concerts, and they were playing the whole set in the live room until late in the night. The light was low, and the ambience was dreamy. Charles’ intense vocals mixed perfectly with Frannie’s fragile voice. They are a great combination of textures. Moreover, the instrumentations created by Vincent add another dimension to this textured soundscape… 

…Another time, they came and stayed for a few days at the studio. They got inspired, and wrote a few songs, including one song “for Elisabeth”. Frannie and Elisabeth got along extremely well from the start. Their visit at la Frette was more than just musical, but also a great encounter with the team.”