Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

'Skeleton Tree'

By Olivier Bloch Lainé

I keep intense memories of these 3 weeks.

At first, Warren Ellis invested the stone room with one of his secret installations, a heart of instruments that came to life and beat under his bow, diffusing these acoustic movements and textures constantly evolving, like desynchronized galaxies, dream catchers attracting inspiration.

‘Thomas Wydler settled in the live room and in the drum booth.’

‘Martyn Casey settled in the live room with Thomas, and in the control room close to Nick Launay and Kevin Paul.’

‘Jim Sclavunos and George Vjestica joined very soon 

Else Torp opened a beautiful ‘Distant Sky’

‘Then followed these very intense, calm, inspired days. Nick’s voice and words crystallized emerging images of troubled and unexplored spaces’

‘Nick stayed in Marie-Jo’s little house along the Seine. In the evenings, Nick, Luna and I used to walk on the river shore.’

Thanks to Rachel Willis for her great warm presence, day after day.