'Out of time'

“Feeling like Alice in Wonderland”

By Paperface

Walking into La Frette is the musical equivelant of what Alice must have felt as she tumbled gently down the rabbit hole: It is a warren of surprises. There are vintage treasures and beautiful instruments packed into every corner and floor of the building.

Whilst it boasts the latest Pro Tools rig and usual modern conveniences, being able to draw on all that stunning outboard, rare microphones and gorgeous gear, and use the remarkable spaces in the building itself – producing  kitsch sounds and classic ones alike –  is a special thing.

And to be able to do it whilst peering out over the slightly overgrown garden, enjoying a glass or two in the oh so charming light filled kitchen, is something that will surely make those final deathbed moments slightly more bearable… I can’t recommend it enough, go and see for yourself!

“Mixing memories of Paperface”

By Nicolas Quéré


Paperface wrote most of his songs twenty years ago, while he was doing a trip with his band in Nice south of France. A that time, he met many musicians in Nice, and played a lot with Medi, a young drummer and songwriter.

Few years ago, like an old Rock & Roll dream, Paperface went back to his original creations, recording his songs in different places with people he liked and mainly in Nice with the help of Medi and in Prague for the Orchestra parts.

Following Medi’s advice, Paperface contacted me to mix the album. A big challenge, twenty years of history and memories, with thousands of tracks for each song ! And every detail was important !

After 2 weeks of doing, undoing and re-doing, everything came together in this great album ‘out of time’.