Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals – The End of that

Plants and Animals, it’s one of these key groups of the Montreal scene. Created around Warren Spicer, Matthew Woodley and Nicolas Basque, Plants and Animals explode in 2008 with their first folk album ‘Park Avenue’ and go on tour with Grizzly Bear, The National, Wolf Parade or Danger Mousse. In 2010, their second album ‘La La Land’, with darker and heavier sounds takes them to fetivals, Pitchfork, Primavera, Montreal Jazz Festival… They come back in 2012 with ‘End of that’, recorded in this very vintage studio ‘La Frette’ in Paris and sign with Secret City Records (signed by Patrick Watson). An album with a fiery, intense and organic energy.


Plants animals end of that

Plants and animals – La La Land

Live moments at La Frette during the recording of La La Land